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Jey Pawlik is a queer cartoonist who graduated from Sheridan College. When not working, they’re at home furiously drawing for various comic projects. Jey is the artist for the webcomics: Dead City, Gender Slices, and an artist for College Humor. They have contributed comics and illustrations to various anthologies, and animated for a variety of animated shorts.


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Monday: I’m gonna wear my binder and feel less dysphoric!
Tuesday: It doesn’t make a difference – I’m misgendered anyway…
Wednesday: I’ll take a break
Thursday: I’ll take another break…
Friday: Guess I only wore it once this week again…
I’m a lazy trans person
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It’s Pride month, and I think this is an important thing to talk about – Women’s only spaces
I get invited to Women’s only events often enough, and it’s usually not because they’re misgendering me. It’s more because… I’m not a man. It’s because Women’s only events have that underlining note that “yes other genders can come too if they want” and while it means well – it just feels so off to me. Especially when some of these spaces don’t want transwomen there.
I’m not a woman, therefore I don’t feel like I should go.
But I want a safe space for people like me.
That would be the best option.

Remember you can see Gender Slices comics 2 weeks early on Patreon

Guest Comic – Mark

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This week’s guest comic is by Mark! It’s okay to take some time until things fall into place. It’s also okay to get away from a potentially dangerous household before you start on a big new part of your life! You’re not alone!

Check out Mark’s work at:

Guest Comic – Kabber

Guest Comic – Kabber published on No Comments on Guest Comic – Kabber

Welcome to the May Hiatus! Every year I take a month long break from comics to go to some local conventions; if you’re going to TCAF or Anime North I’ll be at both wandering around!

The first guest comic is by Kabber!
You can find more of Kabber’s work at:
Tumblr | Tapas

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